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USPS delays & tracking updates

Recently, there have been noticeable problems with and delays in USPS shipments and tracking updates.

Many packages are taking twice as long as usual to reach their destinations, and some aren’t being scanned at post offices or at any distribution center along the shipment route. This means that tracking isn’t actually tracking the package… :( Items will be dropped off at the post office then show up at their destination four weeks later with zero updates in between. A lot of artists, independent sellers, and small businesses have reported similar problems in the last month or so, and as you can imagine, this has been nerve-wrecking for all involved.

So far, everything I’ve shipped has made it to its destination eventually, but customers should be aware of these delays. Most alternatives to USPS would double or triple the shipping cost, but reach out about it and I’ll try to accommodate if alternatives are preferred.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding.

There are a lot of comprehensive articles explaining the current situation with USPS. If you’re a US citizen, please consider calling your senators in support of USPS. Ask them to pass HR 6800 to provide emergency funding, and HR 2382 to remove the absurd requirement that USPS pre-fund pensions. If you’re not a US citizen, consider asking your US friends to.

USPS is a vital service.

Even with the election aside (and don’t get me wrong, the election and preserving mail-in voting is a big deal), the death of USPS will absolutely mean the death of many more small businesses. Tons have already had to shift to online-only models due to COVID-19 and are struggling to make their old in-person sales volumes… without USPS, shipping prices will increase across the board, and most small businesses just can’t afford to increase prices to cover it, especially when sales are already down. Many large retailers also depend on USPS for “last mile” deliveries, especially to rural communities, who risk being cut off from a lot of services (such as medication delivery) if USPS goes under.

This year has been bad enough as it is… we can’t lose USPS too.