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Holidays & shipping 2020

12/14 update: Everything is chaos right now with regard to shipping timetables. There’s nothing we can do. Please be kind to small businesses and postal employees. Have a good holiday season. ♥

USPS has published their annual shipping deadlines for mail intending to arrive by December 25th.

Almost all orders here are shipped via USPS First Class package service, which has a December 18th deadline for domestic mail. I think USPS has already accounted for COVID-related delays in this date (since last year’s date was the 21st, if I recall correctly), but you may want to add in a few more extra days, just in case. For international orders, I’d probably let go of any expectations. :( This year has been really been unpredictable for international mail since so many countries have been constantly changing restrictions.

I won’t be traveling this holiday season, so the shop will remain open through December and January without a seasonal break. If you don’t have any particular deadlines to meet, take your time, don’t stress, and shop slow!

Those on the mailing list got an email this week with the only holiday promo I’m running this year. There won’t be any later deals or flash sales or whatever, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything or there being a better deal later. If you’re not on the list, it’s not too late! Sign up and once you’re in, check the email archive. :)

Stay safe out there, y’all.