Shipping notes & COVID-19

Currently, all domestic orders are being shipped as normal and without delays on my end. I’m able to do contactless drop-offs at my post office Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so most orders can be shipped same-day or next-day.

International orders to countries with suspended service by USPS may be delayed or canceled, but I will reach out to individual customers about any such orders before taking action. Alternative delivery service through other carriers may be possible if arranged.

Thanks for your patience and support of small businesses. ♥ Hope you all are and remain well.

Defect stickers

A bunch of my golden snake stickers came trimmed unevenly along the border. Many of them are cropped very close to the art on the left side as well. I wasn’t happy with the unevenness, but the stickers otherwise turned out great! The gold areas are metallic and shiny while the rest of the art is opaque. I also like black background stickers most of the time, I put stickers on surfaces that aren’t white, so the darker background helps them blend into the item more.

It seemed like a waste to throw out the poorly trimmed ones, so I’m included the defect stickers free with every order until they’re gone.

Store launch!

This is a soft launch of this store. :O I’m still adding products and such, but everything should be functional! Let me know if there are any issues!