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RSS feed will now include new products

By default, the RSS feed for the store only included these very infrequent news updates, but it’s now been updated to include all new product listings as well.

So if you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to the main feed for the store for updates and never miss anything!

I’ll continue to announce general updates to the mailing list and social, but the RSS feed will alert you of every single new item, rather than a summary.

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Shipping deadlines 2021 & etc

Shipping Deadlines

Unless prior arrangements are made, all orders in the shop ship via USPS First Class, which means for delivery by December 25th, your shipping deadlines are:

  • Africa, Central America, South America: November 29th
  • Other International: December 6th
  • US Domestic: December 17th

Sorry, I’m still not shipping to the UK at this time. :( More shipping deadline information is available here.

No Short-term Discounts, Just Clearance

As promised, I have zero holiday promotions to push this year. However, I did put a bunch more stuff on clearance, including prints, originals, and stickers.

Also, if you have coupon codes from monthly raffles or something else, be sure to use them by the end of the year!

New Items?

Unfortunately, most of the things I’d hoped to finish in time to stock for the season won’t be ready in time, so there won’t be any new products added between now and the end of the year1. That means there’s no need to wait for anything to debut though!

1 The exception is I am still planning to make 11×17 posters of the cat-safe and cat-toxic plant posters; however, these will only be available in-person at Emerald City Comic Con or online or in-person at Push/Pull. I won’t have them in the shop here. Sorry!

Seasonal Closure

December 19th will be the last day to place orders this year. The shop will be closed December 20th through December 31th, then reopen January 1st.

These notices were first sent to the mailing list! If you want news like this directly in your inbox, you can sign up here.

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Holidays & shipping 2020

12/14 update: Everything is chaos right now with regard to shipping timetables. There’s nothing we can do. Please be kind to small businesses and postal employees. Have a good holiday season. ♥

USPS has published their annual shipping deadlines for mail intending to arrive by December 25th.

Almost all orders here are shipped via USPS First Class package service, which has a December 18th deadline for domestic mail. I think USPS has already accounted for COVID-related delays in this date (since last year’s date was the 21st, if I recall correctly), but you may want to add in a few more extra days, just in case. For international orders, I’d probably let go of any expectations. :( This year has been really been unpredictable for international mail since so many countries have been constantly changing restrictions.

I won’t be traveling this holiday season, so the shop will remain open through December and January without a seasonal break. If you don’t have any particular deadlines to meet, take your time, don’t stress, and shop slow!

Those on the mailing list got an email this week with the only holiday promo I’m running this year. There won’t be any later deals or flash sales or whatever, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything or there being a better deal later. If you’re not on the list, it’s not too late! Sign up and once you’re in, check the email archive. :)

Stay safe out there, y’all.

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USPS delays & tracking updates

Recently, there have been noticeable problems with and delays in USPS shipments and tracking updates.

Many packages are taking twice as long as usual to reach their destinations, and some aren’t being scanned at post offices or at any distribution center along the shipment route. This means that tracking isn’t actually tracking the package… :( Items will be dropped off at the post office then show up at their destination four weeks later with zero updates in between. A lot of artists, independent sellers, and small businesses have reported similar problems in the last month or so, and as you can imagine, this has been nerve-wrecking for all involved.

So far, everything I’ve shipped has made it to its destination eventually, but customers should be aware of these delays. Most alternatives to USPS would double or triple the shipping cost, but reach out about it and I’ll try to accommodate if alternatives are preferred.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding.

There are a lot of comprehensive articles explaining the current situation with USPS. If you’re a US citizen, please consider calling your senators in support of USPS. Ask them to pass HR 6800 to provide emergency funding, and HR 2382 to remove the absurd requirement that USPS pre-fund pensions. If you’re not a US citizen, consider asking your US friends to.

USPS is a vital service.

Even with the election aside (and don’t get me wrong, the election and preserving mail-in voting is a big deal), the death of USPS will absolutely mean the death of many more small businesses. Tons have already had to shift to online-only models due to COVID-19 and are struggling to make their old in-person sales volumes… without USPS, shipping prices will increase across the board, and most small businesses just can’t afford to increase prices to cover it, especially when sales are already down. Many large retailers also depend on USPS for “last mile” deliveries, especially to rural communities, who risk being cut off from a lot of services (such as medication delivery) if USPS goes under.

This year has been bad enough as it is… we can’t lose USPS too.

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Shipping notes & COVID-19

Currently, all domestic orders are being shipped as normal and without delays on my end. I’m able to do contactless drop-offs at my post office Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so most orders can be shipped same-day or next-day.

International orders to countries with suspended service by USPS may be delayed or canceled, but I will reach out to individual customers about any such orders before taking action. Alternative delivery service through other carriers may be possible if arranged.

Thanks for your patience and support of small businesses. ♥ Hope you all are and remain well.

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Defect stickers

A bunch of my golden snake stickers came trimmed unevenly along the border. Many of them are cropped very close to the art on the left side as well. I wasn’t happy with the unevenness, but the stickers otherwise turned out great! The gold areas are metallic and shiny while the rest of the art is opaque. I also like black background stickers most of the time, I put stickers on surfaces that aren’t white, so the darker background helps them blend into the item more.

It seemed like a waste to throw out the poorly trimmed ones, so I’m included the defect stickers free with every order until they’re gone.

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Store launch!

This is a soft launch of this store. :O I’m still adding products and such, but everything should be functional! Let me know if there are any issues!